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Hi all!


As you may have noticed, you have already received a badge and rank by coming into the online community as a New Member Smiley Happy Moving forward, you will have many other chances to earn more badges and rank up as you go! There will be badges you can earn by:


  • Starting new topics
  • Replying to other community members in the forums
  • How many Kudos you give out
  • How long you’ve been a member of the online community


The ranks are a little more secretive Smiley Happy Let’s just say, the more active you are in the community, the more you will rank up! Be on the lookout as well, as we continue to grow this community, we are looking to giving incentives to those who have ranked higher than others.


We don’t mean for this to be a competition! But it’ll be fun and also help you get to know your fellow community members and hopefully who to go to if you need some help or advice.

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The competition part of makes it fun. It's makes us all strive to do our best and gain badges at the same time! 😀
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Exactly. It definitely will make it fun! 

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Thanks for the advice, I will use it wisely.
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Yes! I am happy to see this as the people market place where we can keep growing with each other on this amazing platform.
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Thanks for the tips, advice and help
Level 3
I am a newbie, Still finding my way around here.
Everyone seems so friendly and I like that it is interactive Smiley Wink
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@GreatDeals1 So glad you're here! 

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Thank you 👍☮️
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Hey @Elin, I see there’s founding member badge that’s cool 😎