Badges and ranks

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Badges? Badges? We don't need no stinking badges...

A line from my favorite  Bogart you know which one it is or am I showing my age? Lol


It seems the more I read the community threads, not only am I learning about offer up but about people that want to make this site a success


Good luck to all both buyers and sellers.....I'll be watching

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Sounds fun!
OfferUp employee

I really enjoy popping in and seeing new members and new comments. Keep up the good work all! Smiley Very Happy

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I expect to be number  one so I challenge  all the people on the top list as well as any one else out there.

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Thank you for the suggestion!
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Thank you for making it easy to find the answer to my question about badges & ranks. Other sites might want to take a lesson here. 😀
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@ctagle02 Thanks for the kind words! Smiley Happy Let us know at any time how we can continue to make it better for all of you! 

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I like
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Hello Ellin, Now, tell me exactly how many badges are available to earn in OfferUp? Is there a list of badges and how to earn them??? This badge thing is pulling on my inner Girl Scout. LOL

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