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@Learn2sew I am Smiley Happy We're so happy to have you here with us!

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I’m really excited to be using this platform and see what happens in the future as it continues to grow.
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Welcome to the Community Forums @JaysCloset. Take time to check out and delve into some of the many current topics being discussed. Share your opinions, ideas and experiences with us. Help us grow the communty!
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Thank you, I greatly appreciate it and look forward to fully utilizing this community and platform.
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Welcome, @JaysCloset! We're happy to have you here Smiley Happy

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I was thinking how nice it would be to have a Solution Badge.


A badge for your first solution and then 5th and 10th.


I can help you with a design... LOL


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I think that this is a great way to clean out my excess "stuff" and sell it to make myself extra money and also to potentially meet some very great people too!
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Great idea....I second it!
I wanna help to.
Let's start by putting @Shupat pic on the badge!!
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Hello @KathyT42

Welcome to the OfferUp Community. Smiley Happy

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@cyclomatic  you are funny!