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So I was just asking a few buyers some questions about their items via desktop and I might have sent one seller twice because of precieved lag (message not being sent).   I am now essentially banned from using OfferUp.

I have, logged out, cleared cache, uninstalled, reinstalled and tried again to no avail.

Not sure what gives here, if one person flags you for spam does your account go inactive for 24 hours?  I truly have no idea what I did to cause such ban on my account other than what was outlined above (possibly sending a message twice).

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Error messages saying your about to Violate OfferUp guidelines

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pathlesstaken It usually mean you are doing something against OfferUp guidelines, which is fixable! Just make sure you aren't sending out personal information or sending people the same exact message as it may be flagged as spam. This person should help you moving forward. If your still having isues, I would recommend contacting, 😎🇬🇧

You should be able to message after 24/48 hours, if not again contact OfferUp customer care.

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