Begging nothing works need help

At this point, I find myself begging for help after three weeks of attempting to contact Offerup. My account was hacked and banned. I was able to contact them once after @Mj_206 escalated my request. They reinstated it, but it is still shadow banned. My entire e-business is stalled. How can a company be so cruel? The stress is literally killing me. My support request is #40480808
Community Helper
The Community manger for the forums, Mj_206, is the only actual OU employee in the Community, who would be able to look at your account. However, she is limited on her abilities with Customer Service.
She is in and out of the Community periodically. This is an understandably frustrating situation, please be patient.
Just in case you did not receive the Customer Care link:

Going into four weeks now without Offerup :/ @REMEMBRANCE @Mj_206 

Alright, I might be done with Offerup. No reason I should be begging a company for a straight month every day to be able to use their app. I'll take my losses and start my business from scratch on any other marketplace

Officially, four weeks without Offerup today. @Mj_206 @remembrance not sure if to continue sending daily emails and tweets. My support request is #40480808 in case there are any Offerup employees looking at this

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This is a rather frustrating situation, understandably...
If I were able to access your account, it would have already been done. My hands are tied as to the extent of my assistance capabilities, in the OU Community. I am a "Communuity Helper" for the Community only. Ciao´