Being Safe

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I look at my profile with items I have for sale. It’s a public list of items I have in my home. This definitely factors my meeting place. Very large items such as a sofa, I might give them my home address but only if they have a verified profile with a legitimate picture and reviews. I’ve had a few people contact me for small items. I list my area of town in the post. When I ask them to meet in a public place and they don’t respond, it’s a red flag. I block those individuals. They may only be flaky, but I don’t take any chances. Being safe is very important.
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@LA7 Absolutely! We also have Community MeetUp Spots that are great places to meet as well. 

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Hi @LA7 your totally on the right track being safe, if I have a large item and can’t get it to a public meeting place or safe zone, I always have the item in my drive way, and only in the day time hours with friends around. 👍
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There are too many crazy people out there so I would never permit any one that I did not know come over to my home.

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Hey @LA7 I'm just
reaching out to see how your experience has been since you’re last post. I hope your still enjoying using OfferUp. I’d like to welcome you back to the community forums to share your experiences and ideas as well as your opinions. On what you have learned along the way also what can you share with other members here in the forum?😎🇬🇧🔚