Being sold blacklisted phones

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So I recently bought a phone from here around 2 months ago. Just yesterday it stopped receiving network and I found out it was blacklisted. The buyer literally lied and told me it’s fully paid off and clean imei! Does anyone know how to fix it?
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Depending on the company they may have a fee you can pay to clear it.

If you think or find out the phone is stolen you can also file a police report.

You don't want charges on your record over something like this.

Walk into a carrier and tell them your situation.

Already did this? Walk into a diffrent one.

Some stores are more helpful than others.

If anything, it's a learning experienece.

Nothing is 100%, but in the future go into the company with the seller to check the imei, many would sadly cut the deal there.

So the other options are to either check it in person or via a website like swappa or a brand comapny imei tracker if they provide you the numbers.

If they get upset just say it's nothing against them, you're just both still strangers and would like to test the product you're investing in.

Some people just want you to trust them right off the bat.

Buying phones is unfortunately a bit difficult as it usually relies on the sellers honesty in most cases.

Make sure they're rated well and have TruYou also if you're ever buying a phone again.

If the seller is not communicating report them.
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When will offerup just add phones to prohibited items? Absolutely ridiculous to buy them on here. The protections are not set up like ebay/paypal by any means.

Phone sellers would disagree but sell somewhere else if you are a reputable seller of phones.
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You know what, I agree.

Even with Shipping + Buyer Protection it's extremely difficult (impossible really) to weed out the honest ones.

I can't imagine dropping ~$500 on a used phones only to be burned a week later.

If they don't want it prohibited at the very least add some fine print if you search for phones.

Something like "you acknowledge that any phone bought on this app is not covered by offerup in any way, buy at your own risk. you can end up with a paperweight we advise you buy from a reputable reseller."
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I can only imagine that is why claims are so backlogged for other things. The list in queue for electronic items must be crazy
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I called T-Mobile customer service again since the store didn’t tell me the reason for it and we found out that the previous owner stopped paying for the phone after selling it to me.

I’ve Learned my lesson and definitely won’t be buying used electronics or at least phones here.