Beware of these types of people

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Apparently we cannot warn other users about crappy users and the admin deleted the links to the screenshots.


 This person has 69 reviews, 4.5 stars, 300+ sales, 77 purchases at the time of writing.


This person did have a photo of his face, but now has since changed the photo after this conversation.

Here are the screenshots.


I live in Tigard, oregon....we agreed to meet in woodburn...which is about 40 minutes away.

He lives in Salem, Oregon.


Basically...I get to meeting point, he plays dumb like he didn't know what was going on and then tries to make me deliver it to his house because it's "only" an extra 15 minutes away. May as well just do it, right? I'm already here.....that dude thought I was a sucker.. Also, he offered me $10 to deliver it.


I'm almost done with this app....all you deal with are flakes and ppl trying to take advantage of you.


EDIT**: Also.....what's with these ppl saying they want to buy the furniture, but either don't have a big enough vehicle to take it or they don't want to rent a U-Haul? WTF is going on? pranks?




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People will do anything and everything to get a extra $1. I had this young man 24yrs old... Post that he had 5 Katt Williams tickets for sale. Well i sent him a message and we talked and the next day we met up for the tickets... He told me that he couldnt go bc him and his friends got into arguement and he jus want the money back sounds legit right? He gave him his Ticketmaster login info and password. So i go to library and print all 5 of the tickets i just paid him $160 for and the VERY next day this dude dne changed his name and kept his profile pic the same. I already knew what he was trying to do .smh umm hello i can still see you!! He had put yellow stars on the seating chart (same seats i have) so i wouldnt notice? Well I used a different offer up account and sent him a message asking abt the tickets and how many he had.. He didnt knw it was me! Told me he wsnted $225 this time forn them So i played along told him how many i wanted and as soon as he told me the seat #s i immediately called the place where concert was held and told them what he was doing and the mánager told me as long as I WAS THE 1ST ones in the door with those tickets that id be ok. Bc they cant be scanned twice. Well after we sat down 1 of the personels asked for our tickets and then asked where i got them and i told him. He took pics of my phone and texts between me and this young man! "Patrick" was his name for me. But Someone else bought the same exact ones i did and they couldnt get in bc the tickets had already been scanned! They were very irate and i dnt blame them. They lost $225 and DIDNT get to see Katt Williams! Innocent faces everwhere. If i had of deleted my texts between me n him i wouldnt have known! I will not buy anymore tickets off of here or letgo! Sorry for dragging this out so long but you all NEED TO KNOW!! He couldn't out smart this 32 yr old!
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Yeah lots of shady characters on here. I just reported someone that's selling a car and has 84 ads of the same vehicle in his profile with different locations. And his ad count is going up by the second. I know offerup staff are doing what they can but they are not acting fast enough. Someone is bound to get scammed if this MOFO doesn't get deleted soon.
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Welcome to the forum @Yay_stuff  Smiley Happy

I hope you reported this person!

Just out of curiosity... Did his profile check out?

star rating etc?

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This proves that just because someone has a lot of stars and reviews, doesn't mean they don't try and take advantage of people. 


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69 reviews, 4.5 stars, 85% response rate, 300+ sales, 77 purchases.


He does a lot of transactions so the company will not penalize him. 

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@Yay_stuff wrote:

He does a lot of transactions so the company will not penalize him. 

The amount of transactions a community member completes doesn't get them any sort of preferential treatment. Our Customer Care team will review the reports they receive and will take the appropriate actions. Not every action that they take will be visible to others. 

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I'm a realist....and I've worked in places that will find reasons not to do anything.

For a company that is highly user dependant...the tolerance is high up until a story makes the 10 o' clock news...then all of a sudden the issue gets taken care of in 5 minutes or less.


Just so we're clear, I'm not sending this to any kind of media outlet. 


Thanks for being active though.


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Yeah @Yay_stuff  it sometimes seems that way but it is not true.

Report them and offerup will investigate and take appropriate action.



Wishing you the best!

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I agree @Shupat Smiley Happy


Just a little extra bit of info about me - I have worked over 50,000 reports in my time at OfferUp.