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When you block a buyer, does it prevent that buyer from seeing any future posts you make? If not, that should definitely be a feature added into blocking. I had a interested buyer become extremely “colorful” with his choice of words when I wouldn’t lower my item to a price that was doable for him, but worthless for me. It got to a point where I just blocked him because that’s not the kind of person I want to deal with. Will he be able to see any more posts I put up? I have two more of the same item to sell and I haven’t posted them yet and while I’m going to post them regardless, I want to know if it’s a possibility that I’ll be dealing with this same individual again.
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Hi @Kaila 😊
I totally agree with you on this idea,
I would like to see the OfferUp team add,
when you block someone they should be automatically block from seeing items or contacting members. but to answer your question, when you block him he still can see your posts, but he will not be able to contact you in the future. And you won’t be dealing with him anymore. any person in my opinion should have their account closed right away for using colorful language, there’s no place for bullies on any app as far as I’m concerned.
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Hi @Kaila@Hotrod is right when you block a user, you are blocking them from communicating with you moving forward. They will still be able to see your posts though as they pop up. That's definitely a feature I can make a note of though for the team.


As for them using language that made you uncomfortable, please report them through the app so our Customer Care and Trust & Safety teams can look into their accounts. We do not want people who harass others on OfferUp at all. Let me know if you have any more questions about anything or if I can help in any way. Smiley Happy 

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Please also offer us the ability to block a seller and all of their listings. OfferUp is filling up more and more with spam and duplicate posts.


If OfferUp would keep track of the numbers of how many people have blocked that user and then take appropriate actions against them.

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As mentioned, they will be able to see your posts and you theirs.

Since they can't communicate with you anymore I wouldn't worry.

Last time I checked OfferUp prevents people from making multiple accounts, if they do simply block them again and alert authorities if need be.
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OfferUp doesn't do squat to assist anyone on their network. A degenerate scumbag sold me a stolen laptop on OfferUp and when I contacted him wanting my money back on their messaging system as required by the TOS agreement he cursed me out and laughed at me. I forwarded the entire purchase dialog to them (reporting him) for blatantly violating two of their terms of use and not only did they NOT do anything but even worse allowed the scumbag to continue doing so on their network. At the time of this response he is still a active member on OfferUp. Don't waste your time reporting anyone because they could care less. Their only concern is for themselves and how many members they have making the site more valuable to people advertising on it. I will never again sell or purchase anything on OfferUp. Google "OfferUp complaints" to see how thousands have experienced BS on OfferUp and received absolutely no assistance from them
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I'm sorry to hear about this, @352. It looks like our Customer Care team sent you an email. 

Hi I blocked someone for a similar reason they where swearing at me because I was asking $325 for a iPhone and he wanted me to take $120 but now I can’t find him so I can report him is there anyway to find users that I’ve blocked his profile name was (rich the kid)
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I think it should be possible to mute either people or postings that they're just incessantly reposting so that they stay at the top.
People with commercial stores and other such endeavours so this all the time and it really ruins sites.
One of the reasons I don't bother with Craigslist or letgo any more.
Just the same crap from pawn shops, consignment stores, and storage warriors over and over again.
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It is the same on all the free selling apps.  First, let's be clear...Anyone selling to make a profit, rather than selling to get rid of umwated goods is a business. Can you blame a business that is taking advantage of free marketing/advertising?


If you want to make efficient use of your time when searching for something, use eBay, Amazon, or some other selling platform that is not free.


“The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results”. Einstein

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