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I would like to block a user from contacting me because she is being difficult about meeting and being honest about her location.  I don't want to report her or get her in trouble, but just to keep her from contacting me.  I see the only way to do this is to report her.  Does this go against her on the site?

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Hi @ChibiKris welcome to the OfferUp Community forum
On your question, yes you can block any person for what ever reason that makes you feel not comfortable, when reporting use the option ( other ) and give your reasons for blocking that person. Then block the person, the OfferUp team will still look at your reasons and take any appropriate action I’m sure that they feel is necessary, in the end it’s totally your decision, Hope this helps you.
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When we report scammers, or posts against offerup's rules, do the admins see who reports it? 

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Let me share an experience i had here on the site ! I found a generator for sale on here and long story short it was my own generator that was stolen out of my RV. The seller name was a give away right from the begging seller name was Jack Daniels but i played along and set up a meeting to buy this generator so i was given an address of where to meet which was his house. When i got there the tenants knew nothing about a generator but my wife some how came up with the real sellers name and we contacted the police and persuded it that way and eventually we were taken to a home where my generator was being held in this guys garage and with the police assistance we aggreed to come back the next day to pick it up because it weight about 1800lbs well by the next day after i reported mr Jack Daniels my generator was again trying to be sold before i got back the next day only now under there real name again i reported the scam and i checked for at least a week after reporting all this and never saw there profile removed or stopped them from selling on here basically nothing was ever done to them. It was a total let down to me to know people can sell stolen stuff on here and nothing happens to them #!
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I feel ya, the reporting and blocking really doesn’t do much, hopefully it can be something more effective in the future
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Hi @kknip03, if you are reporting someone through the forums or reporting a specific thread started, I see it in the feed here from all of you. If you are reporting OfferUp users through the app, we have many people from different teams watching and taking action. I hope this helps. 

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@ACE61 Hi there, I am very sorry that situation happened. It looks like you did the right thing by reporting the user right away to our team. They asked that if you were reporting a crime, to file a police report with your local authorities. Once you respond back with the case number, our Trust & Safety team can help your local law enforcement in their investigation.

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I’m kinda new to all this and today had to block two ppl. Supposedly a wife and husband. After two no shows in the same day they are still trying to get me to meet. It was the wife who first reached out. And after she bailed on me twice. I blocked her. Then the husband? made a profile and asked to meet. Some ppl just don’t stop!