Blocking a person

Community Helper
I dont know where else to put this. However, I have an issue when blocking a person and they can continue to message me. I cant see their profile or messages. Can we get it to where blocking a person actually means they cant message or see your posts? That would help a lot because if a person can continue to message others, that means the person that they are messaging has to deal with a falling reply rate.
Community Helper
@Hotrod can you see about giving this feedback next time you do. This would help tremendously with issues of people like me blocking users on the app. I worry about people still being able to message me even though I block them and cant see the messages. This shouldn't be an issue and even customer advocates say it shouldnt be like this.
@aidenholley I’ll pass this on for sure, people you blocked should only be able to still see your posts when browsing through OfferUp and definitely not be able to message you anymore. Thanks for the heads up. 😎🇬🇧🔚