Bought a broken item today

Hello everyone, I don't usually post things in forums, but this time I'm really angry since I was sold a broken item by a person (Christopher from Tolleson Az) that did not have the guts to admit he sold me a non working (spray painter wagner 770) i knew something was fishy when i met the guy since he was wearing a " got junk " uniform and driving a truck from the same company , this should have been a red flag and assumed he was selling things he collects without considering they might be broken, to me this is an outrage since i am trustworthy person that takes people's word seriously, please be aware of this scammer!!
Level 9

@Avi_80  Like you I am honest about what I sell. If it’s broken then I will not sell it. Not all people are. You may of wanted to check it out more. I have a 20 dollar power inverter that plugs into my power port. It gives me 120 volts. It’s about the size of a deck of cards. As long as my motor is running I can run a window AC unit with no problem. I keep it in my truck all the time. I check everything. Sorry this happened to you. Good luck in the future.