Business and dealers on offer up need there own category.

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Pretty fed up with offer up at the moment, here is my concerns and frustrations:
1. Posts are misleading: got in contact with a few sellers posing to be a private seller. Gave me an address and it happens they are not private sellers, but a dealer. Well I went to go see plenty of these posting of cars and they were very misleading about conditions of vehicle and price of course. Here is my frustrations on this matter, if offer up is about the community and in the clause is about "tangable items" and prohibits services then why let dealers sell tangable items with services that are misleading and that is furthermore causing frustration in this community and leaving distasteful taste with buyers, especially myself. Now I am not one to tell someone what to do or say, but just to be frank there needs to be some sort of sub categories. It is getting to the point where it is very difficult to navigate on the posts with in the app and trying to sort through dealers.
2. Blocking users:
Another thing I have noticed that might make the above a bit more plausible is a function which let's the user block people and all the posts. My concerns are as such: stalking, vindictiveness, clutteing, multiple posts etc. I feel as though my safety is in question when blocking some only lets the blocked individual not contact me, yet can still see my posts. I can only voice the concerns of other frustrated individuals like myself about this matter after reading countless cries for help only to have being said we will look into this matter thank you with no follow up with the people who have voiced concerns. Please post follow ups on public forum so others can see what problems have been addressed or have been taken care of.

3. Business Category:
I mean this would definitely be a game changer in the world of offer up and ease up there tension that is it causing. Here is a company who make now billions, should take into consideration that spending just "Pennies" to make the community happy with small changes, would equal billions!

I believe that any "businesses" or "service" that is profitable or non profitable should "address" the concerns and voices of thier patrons who are dedicated to their products and services. I would appreciate if you could post all follow up message via publicly here on this message so others can actually see our interactions. All I have been finding on offer up community forums is we will get back to you or thank you for your concern, but no public follow up.

Thank you kindly,

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This app used to be pretty useful.  It would have a ton of different items from different sellers (random items, like a garage sale), and it would be fun to just scroll through and see what I could find.  I've even bought and sold quite a few items.  It was fun!

Now, over the past couple months, especially when searching in the Chicago suburbs, the listings are over 99% cars (and annoyingly, car parts).  What's worse, its not even just people selling their cars (which would be fine and useful), but its dealers posting EVERY car in their inventory.  And, they post a used car for $1000 (sounds good, right?), but when you click on the ad, its "$1000 down payment will get you this $17,000 car for low monthly payments!  No credit and bad credit OK!  Se habla espanol!"

Don't believe me?  Just set your location to "Schaumburg, IL" (a sizeable Chicago suburb) and see what comes up.  All cars.  And when searching I can't even use "-cars" (to search for "everything except cars"), it doesn't help.  This will make me go back to using that "other" app for used items.  Please fix this! (or charge the dealers for posting their inventory.  Money!!)

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OfferUp employee

Hi @Tpss, thank you for posting and for being honest. Small businesses, dealers, and second-hand stores are allowed to set up profiles. When browsing, we try and limit their posts to the ‘Search Everything’ feed but you may sometime see posts in other categories. Also, your feed will be personalized based on the items you look for. 

However, if you think a user is not following our guidelines, please report them so our teams can look into their posting behavior and can investigate further and take the appropriate action. Thank you again for your honest feedback! We work really hard to make this site best for everyone. Smiley Happy

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Yes I live in the nw suburbs of Chicago and have noticed this too! Sometimes I double check that I'm not in the car section. In the beginning there was a nice mix of everything. Now, just like you're saying, it's literally 90% cars, and many times it's repeat posts of the same car!
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@Matty_B.....OfferUp has not made 1 cent of profit. In fact, at the current rate it will take probably 10 years to turn a profit (real profit...not renvenue, not gross sales,etc). They have taken in over $220 million from investors, with single digit revenue in the millions/month, and bleeding cash. The current valuation does not stand well with most financiers. In fact, both Sequoia Capital and SoftBank passed on the last round (just ask Morgan Stanley).


Having a business category without "real time" oversight is useless. Just have a look on CL. Businesses will do whatever it takes to market themselves. The employees will make additional accounts and post on the private/owner section and get rather creative. It is an arms race for small businesses, to stay one step ahead in order to bypass all/any posting rules on these free selling platforms.

Definitely noticed businesses within minutes of each other posting! Absolutely wrong for us out here trying to sell some items. They should be have their own for businesses ONLY!!

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I have had businesses play games about buying stuff. Say they are interested set up a meeting and then instead of show ask more questions and never come through.
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This is a topic that has come up a lot and I know offer up is currently implementing changes to help address some of these issues. I know very recently they were working on implementing a section for car dealers versus private party sellers. Although the idea of a business section sounds great on paper unless there's a team of people in real-time monitoring businesses will just create additional accounts and bypass the business section historically this is what has happened with Craigslist and other online selling sites. In a previous forum discussion I threw out the idea of linking accounts to phone numbers for a minimum of 6 months at a time thus preventing people from getting new burner email addresses to open new accounts. I also threw out the idea of a maximum number of postings that can be put up per day something like 20 per user. In my area we have a local tire shop that is notorious for spamming offer up on average they create about 4 to 5 accounts a day and post approximately two to three hundred postings / account although offer up does react rather quickly when they're reported normally within 24 hours the shop just creates additional accounts using burner emails. Which is why I proposed linking accounts to phone numbers and limiting the number of postings

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I guess i was just being pretty vauge in general on how they invest or get money, but i was just stating the obvious in the facts of how a business or a "SERVICE" is going about handling concerns of the consumer or in other words people who are using their "SERVICES". Honestly i have no idea where the bump money is going too or who deals with the fee for listing options or selling, maybe you could fill me in? I just know this, as a business owner i too understand how a company, corporation, business, investment groups operates.

Well i see your point on the wild wild west of CL and how the over sight is needed, then again i feel im not back in the 80s and yes technology hasnt become what the jetsons have pictured in the future, but now we definitely have more options and hopefully we can get the business section idea sorted out. Be great to just go into the section and find everyday things i need with out having to manually "filter" through every ad.
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 We definitely hear you on this feedback, @Matty_B! We're constantly brainstorming and implementing new ideas and features, and currently attempting to tackle some of the suggestions you just offered us. Stay tuned for the future.