Business and dealers on offer up need there own category.

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Please take this to upper managment. Create a category for car dealerships and businesses. You can provide a checkbox for dealers to check during listing. Once checked the pictures in the ad will have some kind of a dealer icon displayed on it or somewhere in the description area or on the price tag. This way users who click on ads like that click by choice.

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My complaint with all the dealer listings is when you get there, they're adding all their usual taxes and fees on top of the listing price.  Yeah, and the same car has clones everywhere.  Best story - drips of touch up paint on the ground when I went to look - still wet.  Hi to Schaumburg above, I feel your pain-lets do lunch.  All the little guy dealers up here are buying from the auction on the south side-ya know the one on late night TV.  (Big Chicago metro area)  They bring in cars from the southern US - which can be good in some cases-but most auction cars have something to hide.   I got stuck with a problem that Carfax missed and they didn't notice either.  See if you can physically remove the spare.  And be sure to roll around on the ground.  Bring a furniture dolly to use as a creeper!  They are not "real" dealers imho.  Be careful out there, see ya on the road!

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The placing of the down payment in the price area is frustrating to the point I'm ready to leave Offer up. There is no way to place a price range on a car your looking to buy without going thru 100 dealers with the down payment as price. I spent 20 minutes this morning looking for a truck between $2000 and $3000 to buy. In that time I went thru at least 50 ads only 3 were legit prices not down payments. This is a waste of time on here anymore. I have been on here awhile buying and selling over 300+ items. I hate that this app hS come to this. Please address this issue.

Been almpst a year,  multiple complaints and suggestions and the problem only got worse.

Glad to see offer up has made some changes so we are able to bloc out the spam......

Thank you for this perspective. I’m a rookie small business owner but have used offer up for several years. I can empathize with your frustration but I want to thank you because this post has inspired me to think bigger.