Business over-posting is destroying OfferUp

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In the Phoenix, AZ area the situation has gotten completely out of hand.


More than 50% of all ads are posted by a handful of businesses, mostly tire shops. Hundreds and hundreds of tire ads every single day. And some of the sellers use images of skimpy dressed females for their profile picture.


Potential buyers have to scroll though page after page after page of tire ads. Sellers get frustrated because their posts disappear in the avalanche.


I'm sure that many people walk away from Offerup because of this.


So far Offerup seems to be unwilling to do something about it.



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Offer up really needs to allow us to block posts of certain sellers completely. I am in Dallas area and I literally cannot look through any electronics or cellphones without businesses spamming their products. Ridiculous. This needs to be fixed asap. There was a discussion about this last year but the mod has never replied on what will happen

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They did respond, as did many others if I recall.

The gist of it was 'if they are within the posting guidelines, they are allowed to post.'

You can report them if they break the posting rules.

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But I agree, they should be monitored more closely.

If they're posting daily, I could see that becoming a problem.
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Totally understand how it can be frustrating to scroll through tons of posts from businesses.


While small businesses and dealers are allowed to use OfferUp, we try to let them know that they will be far more successful on OfferUp if they act as if they are an individual seller rather than a business. I think this behavior tends to stick around with the sellers that came over from eBay, but I can be totally wrong.


Like @goblin said, we recommend reporting any user that doesn't follow our posting rules so our Customer Care team can take a look.


Do you have any ideas on how we can improve this? 

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In the Phoenix AZ area more than 50% of all posts is from tire stores. Page after page after page with nothing but tire ads from a handful of businesses. And it goes on 24/7.

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This is called DECEPTIVE selling practices:


"we try to let them know that they will be far more successful on OfferUp if they act as if they are an individual seller rather than a business."


Why would you encourge this behavior? In the end, the businesses will have higher prices, bait 'n switch, etc. In regards to selling cars, this would be called "curbstoning",  is ILLEGAL in most states.

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Can offer up please take car dealerships off of here? Most people cant stand what they have done to craigslist. Why would offerup want all this junk on here? It makes me not want to search. If i wanted to look at dealerships, i would look on there websites.
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@RenoHolland Small businesses are allowed but they must follow the same posting rules as any other member, so if you see behavior like this, make sure to flag and report right away so our teams can look into it and take the appropriate action. 


I actually went to check and see and set my location for Pheonix. I'm not seeing them. Are you seeing them on the main feed, or for when you search for specific items, like tires? 

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They are on the main feed. If they were contained to the 'AutoParts' category I wouldn't mind so much but seeing them as soon as I open OfferUp is really frustating


This may (and probably will) encourage other businesses to do the same thing. I already noticed an amount of car dealerships, applicance stores and others. 


A business ad here and there is no problem but hundreds of tires ads every day is just absurd.


Thanks for your time.

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I have been report tme them, hundreds of them lately, I somehow feel that the problem is being ignored.


Please correct me if I'm wrong.