Business over-posting is destroying OfferUp

OfferUp employee

@RenoHolland Definitely not being ignored. Feeds are personalized, so that's probably why you are seeing a lot if you are searching for them. If you ever see duplicates, or photos including phone numbers, continue reporting and I'll make a note for the team. 

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How about phone numbers in the profile or in the ad text?

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I am certaily not searching for tires.


It would nice to be able to block sellers, the same way you can block buyers.


However that does not take away the issue that these businesses still flood the place.

Community Manager

I love the idea of being able to block sellers! 


Typically the main feed will show items that you've searched for previously or posted. For example - I'm a makeup reseller so my feed is mostly beauty products! 


Have you searched for, or posted any tires recently? 

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I'm not at all interested in tires so I haven't searched for them.


I do search for certain tools sometimes as well as Nikon camera equioment but I can't say that they show up on my feed.

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@RenoHolland ...Try clearing your app cache. If you are using a browser instead of the app, clear the browser history,cookies,etc.

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So if I understand this correctly: The main feed is a personalized filter based on previous user behaviour. If I want to see all ads I will have to go to the categories that interest me.

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Lapua: I do that regularly, doesn't seem to make a difference.


I use the app on my phone, the app in an Android emulator on my computer and the website in a browser.

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So If I report a number of tire ads, for one reason or another, will that influence my feed negatively?  The more ads I report, the more I will see in my feed?

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@RenoHolland Which zip code are you entering for the location in main feed?