Business over-posting is destroying OfferUp

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Try not to be pesimistic, offer some suggestions on how this 'issue' can be fixed.

I've only experience two scams over the years — what specific thing is happening to you?

Have you done business with many 'dealers'?

While no service is perfect I think this app provides a good platform to buy and sell and has better feedback.
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What do you suggest OfferUp do about it.

Dealers are allowed as long as they follow guidelines.

Report them otherwise
And what if you report them for scamming your and OfferUp does nothing to the person's account and actually allows the person to add more services to their profile?? I met up with someone on Tuesday to unlock my phone. Had him come to my job so the camera can get him just in case he pulled one over. He came looking professional and showed some knowledge about what he was doing. Little did I know he would send me a fake email with fake information confirming my fake unlock. I was just getting off of an overnight shift so I was already tired. He took 2 hrs to get here. Then when I contacted him on the number he messaged me on the person said he had stolen their phone earlier that day. I have screenshots of everything he said, the person phone he stole and all of our messages after I told him the unlock didn't work. So once I messaged him on OfferUp he said to send him screenshots of my claim. I did. He kept lying about not receiving it so I asked for an email. He gave me a bogus email that kept sending me an error message saying the email is invalid. So I messaged him again and told him he scammed me and I want my money back. He opened the message but never responded. I then reported him to OfferUp and since then he has added more things to his profile!! I'll be reporting him to the police department first thing tomorrow morning when I get off work. I don't understand why his profile is still active after he took my money. Then to top it off!!! The company he uses as his front is a great unlocking company who has helped thousands of people. So I ordered my service through them, got the email confirmation and order number. Which their email looks NOTHING like the one the guy sent me. If OfferUp doesn't do anything they're just as guilty!!!
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The marketplace and platform changes but people don’t unfortunately
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I recently sold a washing machine, they wanted to pay with a cashier's check. They said that they would like me to arrange for the movers to move the washing machine and they would include money for the Mover in the cashier's check. The cashier's check came and it was written for $1,500 over the $500 I was selling the washer for I deposited the check in my bank when I went to cash it they did they demanded a 5-day hold. They allow me to use $500 right away. it turned out that the check has been altered the cashier's check was fake the return the cashier's check to whoever they returned it to and my account is now negative $525 because of overdraft fees
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@wavdrmr - have you reached out to our Customer Care team yet? I highly recommend reporting this user and reaching out to Customer Care. 


You can find out more about reporting here.

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Yeah I've gotten those calls as well.Tell them cash only and they'll leave you alone,generally if it sounds to good to be true it usually isWoman Wink

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@JaQuanaMspuyong - I'm sorry to hear you had this experience! It looks like you already reported this over to our Customer Care team, which was the right first step to take.


I understand you are going to be working with your local law enforcement. Once you have case information, respond to the email from our Customer Care team and they can assist with any next steps. 


Just a reminder - not all actions that we take will be visible to others. When the Care team receives a report like this, they will take any appropriate actions to assist with the investigation. 

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Hello @Vinny02126, Welcome to the forum!

We hear that a lot here in the forums. I do wish that offerup would regulate those type of ads.

What type of items do you mostly buy on offerup?

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I contacted Customer Care, described the problem and got a meaningless reply.


I keep reporting the tire sellers with a phone number in their profile and nothing changes, I still see hundred of tire ads very day.