Business over-posting is destroying OfferUp

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Tired of these pawnshops saturating the feed with their advertising.. Reporting them did nothing.
They have life 3-4 employees selling stuff for their business and it's very annoying.

They're also charging tax, so the price is not the true price. I think that if a business needs to spam that much and charge tax, they need to pay a fee on here per item.

This app used to be great until the commercials on TV about this app brought in the idiots and cheap businesses who can't afford real marketing.
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I have been reporting the services dumb dumbs that constantly post several times a day. Haven't seen the window tinting people in a while, but the body and paint shops have made up for it. Also several people who post mobile car wash services. One bodyshop even has their number in their avitar. Someone commented that their should be a seperate category for services and dealers, but do you really think they won't post in other categories where the majority of the people look.  Don't even get me started on the scammers.  And by the way, I have a rather large statue of a woman, located in New York holding some books and a torch, will sell her for $1196.00, please send me your email address and I will send you more info........Smiley LOL

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Posting ads in the Forums is prohibited @kknip03.
However, if you can hold it for a week, I'll included an extra $50. There is also be an additional $1000 in the check for the courier I'll send. I'm overseas visiting a sick relative. Thanks sir.
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@cyclomatic, I only take checks from the bank of checosovainia, just fyi 



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Seriously though,  if offer up would allow users to block the ads they don't want to see such as the tire dealers or people posting services such as auto painting and then sending a notification to the dealer or services dumb dumb that someone has blocked them, they would probably get tired of seeing them and finally give up. Right now blocking only keeps someone from contacting you and not from seeing more ads I am assuming. I have reported a user that posts auto painting services every day and even has their phone number in their avitar...... they just keep on posting.

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If they simply hid the sellers items from view after you blocked them, it would solve a lot of the problems with offer ups searching and browsing.
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Problem is they rarely do and they post so many items that are all breaking rules that you never have the time to report them all, plus they eelist things every 2 hours so by the time offer up gets those the report you filled the items are no longer posted and they continue anyway.
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He shouldn't even have been able to post here for that in the first place! You should have reported him just for posting prohibited items, services are not allowed here! Now you know why!
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Why accept a check? When they show up just tell them that you want to go cash it right now before they even get the items and have them come along to the bank with you, they will arrest them right on the spot when you tell the teller what's going on. If they refuse to go then tell them to get lost and get their license plate number so you can report them to the FBIs fraud department!
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Omg the Vehicle dealersips and Furniture Shopes Totally way to much posting they took over from us local people who search for stuff Im so sick of hacing to scan through loads and loads of dealerships and Furniture outlets offers Im going to find another option other than offer up.. I complained to offer up several timea and NEVER Heard back ever.