Buyer Deactivated After Shipment

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So on November 9th I noticed that the same buyer purchased two of my listings using the full price feature. I was really happy so I packed their items that night and scheduled a usps pickup for November 10th. Both packages were picked up and scanned. I went to let the buyer know that they were on their way, but then I noticed her account was deactivated. I had sent an email to offerup immediately but I keep receiving emails stating the issue is being sent to a senior specialist but no luck still. Now today November 13th, both of the items are delivered at the buyers residence. How will I recieve the funds now if the buyer is deactivated and cannot rate. I am worried that if I do not recieve my funds from the two sales that this person just got items free at my expense. I know that buyers have 3 full days to determine if they like the item, then funds are released. But how does that work if they are no longer a user?

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Just because the buyer deactivated their account does not mean you won't get paid. Their card was charged the second you, the seller, accepted their offer. The payout schedule is based on the scans of the packages. So if it was scanned and marked as delivered, the funds should still transfer to you. Additionally, if we notice that this is a trend from the buyer, we completely remove them from the platform. 


Feel free to reach out to the customer care team for confirmation, @Pinkgirl799Smiley Happy

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I just recently had the same thing happen to me. I shipped to buyer then once the item was delivered he deactivated the account. I just want to make sure I still receive my funds. Although it says pending and it takes 2 days, will i still receive my payment??
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Hi, yes you’ll still receive your funds as expected.