Buyer Protection - Possible $500 scam?

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Hello everyone,

I hope you all are having a wonderful week.

I’m currently looking to purchase an iPhone listed precisely at $500.00. The buyer has auto purchase set up on this listing. My concern is that this is outside of buyer protection.

In the buyer protection clause, it is stated that “Buyer protection covers up to $500 for eligible issues”.

My worry is that it says UP TO $500.

Does this mean purchases totaling $499.99 and below? Or does it include totals of $500.00 and below? (This is not including shipping)
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@tthrash34 , trust your six senses tells you something doesn't feel right. There are ton of used phones so no need to hurry to make purchase. I personally buy all my family phones ( both iPhones and Samsung ) from reputable eBay sellers and never had a single problem. If phone received was not satisfactory, the sellers exchange or refund the purchase right away.
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Echo this. Ebay only for significant electronic purchases. You could ask the seller if they also list on ebay. Nothing good can come from buying phones and computers here, imo. Electronic sellers will dispute this, but just search this forum topics...