Buyer Protection Reliability

Level 1

I want to buy two guitars and use the shipping option however, i am anxious/worried about the buyer protection that is offered. The price i would be paying for both guitars is 310, so I want to make sure that if the items I recieve are not up to par with what was described, i am indeed backed up by offer up. I have read countless reviews both here and in reddit and sadly the vast majority of them have been negative. I was wondering if people who have had a positive experience with buyer protection can share their experience and or recomendations.

Level 9
I can't offer advice on buyer protection, but one important factor would be to ask if the seller is an experienced guitar shipper. Inquire about how these would be packaging and protected. Most people just selling their unused items from their closets don't understand how important the shipping packaging is. If they are just your avg person selling to clear the clutter, I would hesitate. Just my opinion of course
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Hi thanks for responding! I did ask about packaging and they do have various guitar related items. As per their profile, they have 44 items sold and 13 bought. Hopefully someone wil soon respond about buyer protection!