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Hmmm, not sure, @Jonniey1, good question. Keep in mind that transactions completed through the shipping feature have real human eyes on them, researching and manually verifying each transaction. That's a pretty specific question on something that I don't believe we've had to experience yet, so I'm not sure how to answer. 


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How long does it take for them to accept your refund request
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Honestly, I can't give a specific timeline because I'm just not sure @Jonniey1 - sorry about that.

BUT, what I can do is get your case escalated. It looks like you reached out to the Payments team already, so I'll let them know you're waiting on the next steps. They should be reaching out via email and responding to your case shortly Smiley Happy

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Yes @Shupat everything is taken care of. Thanks again!
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Thank you @Mj_206 I appreciate it a lot.
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 @Maccc  You are welcome.


I appreciate your calm civility while dealing with this issue.


Refreshing!  Smiley Happy


Enjoy your day--

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Thanks you too @Shupat
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I hope you'll continue to check out other topics within the forums and share you opinions with us.

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I received my package today and it was not the item described. I did select the contact us option but i only received an automated email saying they received my offerup support request. Im worried that if they dont reply within 3days will i not be covered by the buyer’s protection.
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Hi @Mj_206 I bought an item for the first time through the shipping part and when it arrived it was useless because it’s missing parts and it’s so dirty the dog hair and earwax are blocking sound.i sent a claim yesterday afternoon around 2 or 3pm and haven’t received any response yet I don’t know how this works so since I sent my claim the seller can’t get the money right?i messaged him about the item and he just made a joke