Buyer Protection question

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Hey there, @Kariel! As long as you contacted our Customer Care team, they have received your case and will respond to it as soon as possible. As long as your claim is in within 3 days of receiving the item, you will receive a response from them Smiley Happy

Happened with me as well. I bought a speaker, item doesn’t work properly. Raised claim in offer up multiple times within 3 days. No contact or response from OfferUp. Looks like Offer Up buyer Protection doesn’t work
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Hey it takes a few days but it works I got my email and a shipping label to return the item after I explained my situation.Now I’m just waiting on an answer about when the refund comes back into my account
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Hey I was sold counterfeit shoes and I submitted a report within 20 minutes, you guys said you were working on it but it's been over a week. I contacted you about you assured me that if they ended up fake, I would get my money back. This is getting really annoying and I want a response. Terrible customer support so far
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It's been a few days since I submitted my buyer protection. I haven't gotten an email or anything. It was shipped to me broken. Totally bummed. There's not a ballpark timeline they take? A week or months just to reply to me? It would be nice if I even got a confirmation email or tell me how long they'll pissibly take to review my request.
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@Broncoffl Welcome to the OfferUp Community forum,

Broncoffl - if you have already reached out to support, my best advice is to wait for a response. the OfferUp teams work through payments inquiries in the order in which they were received and are working as fast as possible to get through these claims. please make sure to only submit one request per inquiry. opening several tickets on the same issue will just cause delays. I’ll also add the buyer protection link below for review.

You may want to check your junk mail for the response from OfferUp just in case it may show up there. Just a thought.
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Thanks. I guess all I can really do is wait. I have constantly been checking my email including the junk mail.
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Took almost 2 months to receive a refund under buyers protection claim
How to contact the buyer protection