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I recently had a iPhone X shipped to me from someone from another state through Offer Up. The phone claimed to be unlocked for any service which I found out was not true. The seller told me he had AT&T so I called them and provided them with the IMEI number and they said the phone could not even be unlocked for any service since it hasn’t been paid off. Long story short, I got ripped off. I have audio and visual evidence and asked the seller for a refund. Obviously he declined, saying “nothing is wrong with the phone.” I submitted my claim within the hour I received the phone and I haven’t gotten any word about it since. It has almost been two weeks since I filed my claim and this has become very frustrating after spending $400 just to be cheated. I understand it is not directly their fault but why does it take such a large amount of time for Offer Up to get back to me?
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It can be a quite frustration process, the first shipment. Not quite sure of the specifics pertaining to your request. However, if you followed the Shipping Guidelines, and stayed within the OU Messaging--and Payment System... you will be compensated, via Stripe Inc, (third-party payment processing system), and if everything else is verified, and copacetic as well.
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