Buyer claim after the seller

The seller refused my return so I can get my refund back from him after the items he sent me were wrong/damaged I sent the buyer claim as soon as he refused the return now I’m just waiting to hear back from you guys and I wasn’t sent the email about my claim either
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@ThejuanAndonly9--Hello & welcome!! Did you check your junk mail, spam for the email from OfferUp? You can also reach out to customer care on Twitter:

Tweet @OfferUpSupport
I did that but that but there’s email in my junk folder either
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@ThejuanAndonly9--Thank you so much for the update. Hopefully you'll hear from customer support soon.
I meant to say I never received a email from you guys about my claim how long does it usually take I was to get this resolved
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@ThejuanAndonly9--Unforunately I'm not able to see into your account but you can reach out to @Mj_206 the Community fyorums Manager who can point you in the right direction. Thanks!!
Why can’t you see into my account??
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@ThejuanAndonly9--We're all community members and don't have access to your account. That's why I encouraged you to reach out to customer support to find out the status or send a message to @Mj_206.
Ok I just messaged @Mj_206 thanks
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@ThejuanAndonly9--You're very welcome!! I hope everything works out for you!!