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@Hotrod I already tried all that was listed in the help Center. I tried to submit another claim and I keep getting a note that says “we can’t process a return since this payment is an item sold using pickup”. And it wasn’t. It was an online transaction using the mailing feature. I have no other choice but to bring this up to my credit card company.
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@Kawaiimomochan - if you have already reached out to support, my best advice is to wait for a response. the OfferUp teams work through inquiries in the order in which they were received and are working as fast as possible to get through inquiries. be sure to only submit one request per inquiry. Opening multiple tickets on the same issue will just cause delays. 
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I have recieved a fake Item. I have contacted Offerup about the issue and still have not recieved a response. It would be a shame if Offerup didnt stick to thier claims of buyer protecton and I would have to stop using the app all together and go else where. I would be devastated if Offerup did not pretect it's buyers in the manner stated in thier buyer protection. Please help me out as I was worried to use the shipping process from the beggining. 

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Ugggghh what how can you tell her to disregard his advice AnD you are not support??
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USPS has a default insurance amount of $50 on Priority Mail. Higher amounts are available. UPS offers $100 worth of insurance at no charge and higher amounts are available for extra charges. I'm not sure about FedEx.
On eBay, if a package is marked as delivered, there is nothing that the seller or eBay have to do to cover it if the buyer claims it didn't arrive.