Buyer protection fraud

I have been waiting for a response now for 11 days with no real confirmation that they are reviewing my case. I have tried putting in another request and all I got was they have seen my case has been sent to senior payments or something like that. But it's the exact same message after inquiring the first time also with my first when responding through Facebook . I have received the same message just a different representatives name. I have been missing other opportunities because I have a lose of money. Many items that I have saved so far have been sold because of this wait. I'm not willing to spend extra out of pocket when I should be receiving my money.
I'm willing to return the item that was said to be unlocked which it was not and also network blocked from the company. The phone can only be used with wifi unless you buy a near 150 dollar service to fix it. If that was something stated in description then that would be my fault that I bought it like that. But that's not the case and I asked questions about it in private message before buying.

It shouldn't take so long to review something as return on both ends.

I'm tried of waiting. It's been too long now. I think offer up should stop the shipping. Because if this is going to back up the system of other people's money because of cases similar or fraud cases ,it's not worth it. I did the right thing and things didn't work out.

Can someone please let someone know about my case. I'm starting to feel this is one of those fraud sites that you see on American greed. Where money is taken probably used for boss and employee benefits as loans and then they have to wait to put the money back into the account after they used it so it takes too long. It's not like the seller has the money. It's held by offer up. And it doesn't seem like a well put together system and I can see how people's funds can be used for loan activities. borrowing it out because thousands are coming in. It might be far fetched but it could be something possible. That's how uneasy offer up is making their buyers and sellers. Where they have no explanation to where one can be created in fear their money is lost.
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"It's held by offer up."

It's actually held by Stripe

I'm sure you'll get your money back.

Although times seem to vary based on past forum posts.

For some odd reason, it's a hit or miss.

Some users seem to do great with shipping, while others have similar issues.

I'm curious, is this your first claim?

Was all payment and chat handled through OfferUp?
Yes this is my first claim. $300 is a lot not to be worried.
Everything was done on offer up. The messages and purchase.
Besides me stating what happened to me on other people's forum's, it's not mine to be judged for a longer wait. This post is my first post of my own. After 11 days waiting for a response.
I'm missing out a lot and I'm not really happy about it.
I mean people would be happy and have great success with offer up when they don't have people that are lying, selling fake items or not giving the right information before purchase. When the item arrives is when the issues start. So others may not have had any issues but it seems like a lot of complaints about these same sort of scenarios.
16 days. Still no response
Still nothing from offer up. It's soon going to be a month. No response.