Buyer protection is a lie.

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I purchased a pair of "Oakley" sunglasses. Upon receiving them via the new shipping feature, I knew something wasn't right. I took the sunglasses to an official Oakley store where they were verified to be counterfeit. I contacted Offerup on the 2nd day after they arrived making my buyer protection claim. I followed the directions completely and have been checking my email spam folder, but there has been no response. I also submitted a complaint about the seller and once again explained my situation. Still no response. Then I turned to the community forums where I contacted an admin explaining everything and again no response. Now I am writing this post. At this point I doubt anyone from Offerup is going to assist, but I want to get a warning out there that the buyer protection on here is fake and Offerup is enabling scammers to rip people off. It's been a full week now, plenty of time for some action or if nothing else at least a response that it is being looked into. I won't be using the shipping feature again and I'm tempted to completely uninstall this app. We'll see how things turn out.
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"and Offerup is enabling scammers"

That's false, I understand you're upset but they are not.

@Elin @Mj_206 can look into your issue and direct you.

The shipping feature is fairly new and because of this there may be some slight delays. You are not the only user on the app. As long as you submitted within the three given days your issue will be resolved. You did not rate the user correct?
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@Smorton Nothing is a lie. And we are fully here to assist. It's just with different issues, some we can help you with, and some we cannot. We have all your interests at heart. It looks likes an email was sent so please check your spam folder. More about buyer protection here

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There is not any email. I have been checking my spam folder since day one. The link that you included is the same page I went to when this all started and I first submitted the claim.
I also checked the box on here for (email me when someone replies)...I never got one of those either.
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Mj_206 is the admin that I wrote and has yet to reply. I am well aware that I am not the only user. However it's my belief that a week is a more than generous amount of time for a reply, not to have it resolved but a simple reply. Even a bot email stating that the email was received would give customers peace of mind. This issue not having prompt attention will only cause more work down the road. As more people buy this sellers counterfeit merchandise and submit more claims. Or worse not even realize that they have been duped.

And no I have not rated the seller.
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@Smorton There have been a few emails sent to you. Please check your inbox with the email address associated with this account that you're logging in from. 

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Hi. So... what were thee results? What ended happening?

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Oh, ok I see you have 0 solutions on your profile. Wow!

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I have also submitted a claim for a return and there has been no response from offer up through the app or through my email. I checked my inbox and spam folder and there is nothing. I also know i am on the right email as i can see all my other emails associated with my account. Please help its been over 24 hours. I have not rated the seller.

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I also submitted a buyer protection claim and have heard nothing from OfferUp. No confirmation email, nothing. I purchased an iPhone X, and received a flip phone. Ugh. I’m inclined to agree that OfferUp’s buyer protection is a lie. You’d think they’d at least acknowledge that they received your claim, if nothing else.