Buyer protection is a lie.

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Same thing here. Only thing to do is blast them on social media and other forums. We gotta make people aware of the scam they are running. BBB lists them with an F

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i agree, the buyer protection is lie, i bought a iphone through offerup, the guy sends me an empty iphone box, i placed a claim, they denied it, they told me to go file missing items with USPS. 

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@Elin @Mj_206 Buyer protection seems to be scam or lie. Will you please help me? I don't feel valued or helped. I don't have confidence in buyer protection! Your team takes a long time to reply and communicate is not clear. I never receive anything in my messages through the app. They conveniently only asked on the last day saying you didn't provide all information when I specifically asked what was need. Hi, when speaking to Offerup support last I specifically asked, "what farther steps do I need to take or information do I need to provide?" I submitted the claim through your app but the message never came up on the app; not even in my message section or inbox. I had to used my desktop and replied to every email I received. I have been communicating with support and getting the same generic reply. I provided everything she asked for. I replied to your Support team before the deadline and asked specifically what was needed. If pictures were requested at that time I would have sent them. The email also stated I would have two additional days ( which would put me will within the time limit). Your team also took time to reply to my request. I still haven't received anything on the app. Can you please check our communication. I've done everything asked. Please let me know if any other information is needed. I have been on Offerup since Mar 2016 and have 37 five star reviews. I enjoy using this app. I would like to be confident as a customer that items are as described when being purchased and you buyer protection programs is enforced. The purse does not have light wear and I asked the seller specifically about the flaws ( please look at our communication through Offerup). I hope this issue can be resolved quickly and fairly. Thank you.