Buyer that leaves with functional product that they claim is now not working a few hours

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I am new to OfferUp and had a buyer today that bought an unopened new product from me that I never used and also wanted to buy my wine cooler which I reduced the price to only $100 after I originally placed it at $150. It was working perfectly just before I put it on OfferUp as I checked and everything from the working functional refrigerator to all its buttons and whistles were working. A few hours after he picked it up, after we turned on the refrigerator at our house for him to see it, he text me that the buttons aren’t working and basically wants his money back. I had several people at my house that saw the refrigerator with me and confirm that everything was working and now he claims something doesn’t work. He came to my house, he saw it to his satisfaction, he took it himself and put it in his car, and I don’t know what happened after that. Did he drop it or did he hit it or did he do something to damage it? His text and requesting a back were quite inappropriate and I blocked him, but does this happen often? I just feel like I just had a bad egg my first experience because this guy took a perfectly functional item and wanted to give it back to me apparently nonfunctional and get the money back that he paid for it? Sorry… Just not a very good experience for the first time.
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In local sales, most people get buyers remorse and feel like they can pressure the seller into giving their money back because they dont have exactly the same buyer protection they have I'd they went via shipping.