Buyer wants to return item.

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So, I recently sold a dryer to someone. They had it in their possession for a full week before they messaged me that it makes a loud noise and they want to return it.

The dryer is basically brand new, I purchased it new and only used it for 10 weeks, it worked great and I never had one issue with is SO new that it is still covered by the manufacturer warranty.

I don't want or need the dryer back because I moved into an apartment that has a dryer. And I feel like if they would have contacted me the day ir the day after they purchased it then I might be willing to take it back. But at this point, I feel like they have had it for more than a week, I have no idea how careful they were with it when transporting and unloading it, or even if they took parts out of it.

Am I good with just reminding them that they can all the manufacturer since it is still under warranty and then blocking them if they don't stop messaging me?
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@RachaelK unless you offered or implied a warranty your not obligated to do anything! You have to follow your gut on this one, but personally they used it for a week, who's to say they didn't break it!

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Honestly, if it wasn’t that much money you sold it for, boss up and give them a full refund and say keep the dryer too! Weird flex but it’s ok! In the end... the dryer may burn the whole house down... karma is real.