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Hi. As many people here I used the nationwide shipping to purchase an item and like many people here I got disappointed. My item arrived broken and not close to what I was buying. I opened a buyers protection claim and still didn’t get any response not even an email that confirm that the claim is submitted or anything. It’s almost 3 days already and I’m concerned about my refund that is for 280 $.
I just feel scammed and I purchased with confidence with the app protection process and now I feel it’s not protecting anything. Is anyone have a time frame or any information that can be useful what to do please?
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In the same boat. Offer up isnt credible at all.

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As long as you filed within the 3 day period you will be fine.

Assuming you did everything via OfferUp

Check your spam folder if you haven't already.

Mj_206 may be able to look into your situation if she's around.
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Hello Shai10, 


I just expirienced my first issue with an OfferUp shipping purchse. I purchased 5 pokemon gameboy advance games, but when they arrived I noticed that they are reproductions. The seller did not communicate this when we discussed the products, and I would not have purchased them had I know they were fake. I submitted a buyer protection claim, but I have not heard anything. I even tried to submit another claim to ensure that the first one was submitted. I have checked my email inbox and spam folder, but nothing. I am not sure if there was an issue with my claim, because I have not heard anything. Confirmation of receipt of the claim would be nice, and so would some explanation as to an anticipated time frame for responses/action. Really worried I am out $55.00.


On a side note, I just received confirmation via email that I posted this in the OfferUp community. But, still no response on the claim. 

Lol of course. Quick for one thing and not another. I'm still waiting on my response also. I went on FB to communicate. The person said they let the payment part of offer up know. Then is when I got an email they have the attention of my claim. But still nothing after that.