Buyers that tell you F You when you can't deliver a item to them

Level 2
So lately I have had a few buyers that want me to deliver a item to them / or to a spot they demand. All of my listings say pick up only / no deliveries. Actually that's my screen name also.
The past couple of months I have had a few buyers message me for a item and demand I meet them or deliver the item. When I tell them sorry I can't meet there or deliver they straight up tell me F YOU. The most recent guy that told me this I reported and offerup hasn't done nothing to him. OFFERUP DEAL WITH THESE FOUL MOUTH BUYERS !!!
Level 9
Sorry to hear you dealing with low life scumbags @SellerGuy808 . Im sure enough of complaints are reported on same wannabe buyers Im sure OU will eventually block them until they get new phone to signup for new account. Good luck with your sales!
Level 2
Thanks brother 👍. Yeah I've been selling on here for a long time and only recently I have been getting very Rude potty mouthed buyers. I'm thinking they must be young dudes because my generation would never speak like that to people. Also it might be the type of items I sell. Been whole selling car audio products and I post all the clearance items on my page. I know young dudes like booming stereos but WOW they got some potty mouths LOL
Level 8
Wow....Thats terrible!! Sorry to hear, I got a guy that said what am I on **bleep** when I turned down his offer. Very disrespectful to say the least. All we can do is report and block. Thankfully I only had one of those. Good luck selling..