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Bought an Iphone a month ago, from a guy on here and he has now reported it stolen. Anyone have this issue??
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You should still have the message chain as proof of purchase.

Is the phone currently working?

Has your carrier given you any more info?

Have you spoken to the seller about this?

Hopefully it wasn't stolen prior to you buying it.

In the future I would advise that you meet at a phone carrier before the purchase, this way you know if it's not stolen or has a clear balance.
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Tried reaching out he blocked me. The phone does not work and my carrier just told me that it was reported lost/stolen. But the thing is he waited 2 months to report after we pd $400. Super frustrating ! I usually do meet people at my carrier but my daughter was so excited and I let my guard down.
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I'm sorry to hear about this, @Lola73. You'll want to report this to our Customer Care team so they can let you know what the next steps may be. Go ahead and report this user if you haven't already.

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I just buy a iPhone to day but a iPhone they fake I pay $600 how can I get money back please help
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hi @Emily29 welcome to the forum,,,,,,,,,,,i didnt know there were fake iphones,, i dont know what you can do to get your money back,,,,,,,talk to offerup customer care,,,,,,,and maybe talk to our admin in here @Mj_206,,,,,,,,,,i really do not get why so many people get ripped off buying cell phones,,,,,,,,,,ive went through a lot of used phones because im not careful with them,they dont work so well when they get wet,,,,,,,,and i have never had a problem buying a new phone,,,,,,,i just get verizon on the phone and make sure its set up with my account,takes a few minutes,,,,,,then hand the money over to the seller,,,,,,,works great every time,,,,,,,why is that so hard for so many people? ,,,,,,anyway emily im sorry that happen to you ,,,,you are not alone,,,lots of folks seem to have problems when purchasing used phones.

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When buying phone you should ask for original sales receipt and meet in the carriers store where employees can make sure the phone is not under financing and can be moved over to your account permanently. Never take a seller at his word.