Buying your item, then not showing up?

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Hello all! I’ve got a question for you guys; I recently sold a sub to a gentleman who lives in Kingston. After telling him he would have to come meet me on my side of the water, he agreed and then sent me the money via Facebook. However, that was on Nov. 3rd. He keeps not showing, ignoring my messages (sometimes for 3 days straight, even though he is active) and making excuses. First it was he had a car and just needed to put his wheel bearing on. Said it was good to go and that he’d meet the next day (no show). Then it was his car doesn’t run, and he was going to use his parents car to make the drive. Then no answer and no show again. It’s been 2 weeks since I’ve sold it to him. I need to get rid of these soon, they are taking up unwanted space. I can’t give him his money back, I don’t have the funds for it. What should I do? (Nothing illegal please.)
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Charge him storage lol.

I'm only partly kidding, but sad to say, it is likely he will do a charge back and the money will be withdrawn from your account anyhow
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I wouldn't actually do business outside of the Offerup app. I would have waited to do business after you two met up.
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*edit* the reason why he paid me over FB messenger was due to the fact he had original said he wouldn’t be able to pick them back up until he was back at his house (two days), and since I needed them gone ASAP and the money, I asked if he could pay me in advance since I would have to hold them for him.
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The only reason why Offerup wont do anything for you is because you didnt use the app to communicate and use their pay method. It sucks. Just look for another buyer for the items and give his money back.
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Lesson learned I hope.

Deal in person or consider using offerups shipping in the future.

It almost always turns into an inconvinience otherwise.

"needed them gone ASAP and the money"

Uff I know that feeling, it's a common one. It's always best to try and borrow the money instead from someone you know.