Can NOT Accept Offers Because of Error- Issue Goes Away & Comes Back- PLEASE HELP ASAP!

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Hi this problem went away for a while but now it's back! PLEASE HELP!

Every time I go to accept an offer it brings me to the page with my name and address, I then click on submit and it says "something went wrong, please try again later".My address is formatted correctly.

It then cancels the transaction EVERY single time, this has happened twice now- this is incredibly frustrating!

Things I've tried to fix the issue:
My address is correctly formatted
Phone and TruYou Verified
Updated to latest version of app
Logged out and reinstalled app

Please help me!!!! Your help page has not "helped" me find a resolution to this in any way!!!
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@Pk55 Did you try moving from your phone to your computer to see if you get the same error message and it’s not a servers issue.

Also are you dealing with high value item?, If so It could mean the other member needs to verify their phone number or ID also could be cancelled payment lack of funds on credit card also needing verification through the mobile app. It’s because OfferUp keeping both members safety when dealing in high value items., I would recommend contacting customer care from the link below. You can also contact customer care through Twitter at OfferUp if this option is available to you.

OfferUp Customer care