Can't message or make offers without Truyou

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Why am I being forced to use truyou? I thought it was optional.

Now I am unable to message or make any offers.

Any ideas?
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Someone else had this issue.

Yes, it should be optional.

Reach out to OfferUp Support and send them screenshots when requested.
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Hi @Manawraith I totally agree with goblin, contact OfferUp customer care team, they will be able to help you with this issue.
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@goblin @Hotrod I contacted customer support and they replied stating that truyou is important for peoples safety and proceeded to ignore messages after that. 10/10
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Hi @Manawraith I’m going to tag @Elin Community manager, to see if she can give you more information on this issue.
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Thanks! @Hotrod

OfferUp employee

It's usually flagged because you are selling high-risk items. What have you been using OfferUp for?

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I've been having the same issues and I cant sign up for try you because i dont have my license atm and id like to buy pc parts and just whatever
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It's not optional! Offerup are liars! I got the truyou block box everytime I tried to message or make an offer. My account is essensially suspended unless I give them my drivers license or passport! They inisitially told me it was a technical error block and it has been resolved. Then I checked and the block remained. I complained again and they told me I mist give them my license or passport! Liars! That's rediculous! That's very private and I don't trust "offerup" or anyone else with it. Very unsafe. If they lie about the technical error they could be lying about what they do with your ID. Come clean offerup! Let members know what you are doing!

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I'm not selling anytuing "high risk." Common everyday items and I am also looking to buy and I get the truyou block. Comon offerup fix this! Not right!