Can you guess...?

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Hi everyone! Smiley Happy


Did you know that over 1,000 video games have been sold and shipped through OfferUp Shipping?

Our Shipping feature has been taking off ever since we announced it, and this gave us an idea! What do you think the top 3 categories are for items that have been shipped since we launched so far?


Please note that these categories will match with the categories listed on OfferUp, like Arts & Crafts, Appliances, Video Equipment, Antiques, Clothing & Shoes and so on!


Let the games begin.


I'll give you guys a hint - The Video Games category is not in the top 3 Smiley Wink

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Well, let's see now....Smiley Frustrated


I'll go with sneakers/shoes, cell phones and purses.


OK, I know those aren't all categories so clothes/shoes, cell phones and jewelry & accessories.

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Jewelry? Watches? Wallets?

If I’m buying online I would buy anything small and worth shipping but not too valuable.
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I'm so excited to see all of the guesses Smiley Very Happy

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Some pretty good guesses so far... 

I'll give you guys about a week to get your guesses in! Smiley Very Happy

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Phones/ tools / vintage things
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In my experience I wouldn't want to buy anything too big to be shipped to me.
So my guess would have to be
Electronics, Tickets & Beauty and health
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Top three Online Purchase for me are: 1. ENTERTAINMENT like movies, DVD, CD VHS antique collectable,
2. PERSONAL CARE PRODUCTS like: eyes care, dental care, skin care, etc...
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Any other guesses?! I'll post the actual results later Cat Happy