Can you put account on vacation if your going to be unavailable

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Can you put your account on vacation
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No, it is impossible to put your account on vacation. However, a vacation feature along with an out of office feature has been requested by others.

I would utilize such a feature.

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@karreba If you don't want to archive your ads or just have too many of them, just edit/extend your profile name in this format:



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That is a nifty idea! Thanks for sharing that information @Lapua.

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You can just schedule an appointment until you are back or ignore them. It's offer up, its not a big deal. 

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Some sellers get rather concerned about their reply rate % dipping too low, which is why I suggested a temporary/unconventional soution.  

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Has there been any resolution to ADDING - A Vacation Button/Dropdown Box to include the day leaving & date returning or and away from office notice? I would hate for any of my customers to think, I'm Ignoring Them.
Adding - I am on vacation to my store name...doesn't help. Last time I had 3 orders and they didn't notice, I had added on vacation to my name. Effective Communication is 80% of selling. Please add a feature to the site.
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Hey @Kats_Store - this is definitely something we're still tracking feedback on! I personally LOVE this idea and think it would be incredibly helpful Smiley Happy

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Thank you for the tip about changing our profile name to "I am on vacation"... did this work for you? I have over 150 items and I've added a note about dates i'll be unavailable as my background picture, but if that doesn't work, my 96% response rate will drop and many of my followers will think I'm ignoring them. I thought about archiving ALL items, but I have repeat customers who I know will still message me. I'll have access to phone reception sporadically, as I'll be out of Country, but I cannot afford to lose my high ratings and followers. I brought this up with the OfferUp headquarters when I was asked to visit so I know it's being looked into, but I'm looking for a great solution by Monday. I requested an out of office reply option, but that's not ready yet. What other options has everyone used when going out of town?
I think it's a very important to have a way to do a vacation hold. I'm on my way to Kansas to see my elderly mother and I'm lucky to have someone house and dog sitting that is willing to complete sales for me. Not everyone can do that. And many buyers might not feel comfortable doing it that way