Canceling an order

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How can i cancel my order? the seller said that they would ship today and they haven't and haven't messaged since four days ago. I'm new to the app. It's asking me to rate the purchase even though i haven't got it. My main thing is canceling the order. Nothing was deducted from my account. I just want it canceled because this is a big purchase and would rather take my business elsewhere.

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@Mellany Welcome to the OfferUp Community forum,

Mellany here’s the information how to cancel shipping. 😎🇬🇧😂

Cancel a shipment
It's possible for either the buyer or the seller to cancel shipment of an item before the sale is completed.
As a buyer
Buyers can cancel their offer any time before the seller accepts it.
1 Sign in to the OfferUp app
2 Tap  Offers
3 Tap the item to open it
4 Open the messages about that item
5 Tap View offer
6 Tap Cancel offer, then Cancel offer again to confirm
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Well this is all a nonsense, Offerup allows the seller to cancel the order even after committing to sale (accepting the offer). 

Recently my offer for Ipad was accepted and I was waiting anxiously to receive it. One day later the shipping was canceled and item was sold to someone else (I’m guessing offered more than me).

If the seller is allowed to cancel the order after committing to it, the buyer should have the same privilege.  

It doesn’t give me the “cancel” option what do I do then?