Cancelling premium/promoted listing free trial

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OfferUp gave me a free 3-day trial of promoted item service and now there is 0 information on how to cancel it. I am candidly dissatisfied with the results and I don't want to be charged tomorrow. Help please!

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Found the issue for Android users:


1. Go to Google Play Store (app store)

2. Type in "OfferUp" and go to OfferUp app

3. Click on "Manage Subscriptions"

4. Click on the subscription

5. "Cancel Subscription" is at the very bottom

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I need to know aswell
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It does not show up on subscriptions in Google Play so there no way to cancel it.
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There does not seem to be a way to cancel it within the app. At the end of the trail. I was charged $20 but it was quickly refunded by Google when I asked them and explain the situation. I guess you could just try deleting the ad. That's what I did, then just re-posted it.
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I emailed offer up already and waiting for a response. Im guessing I'll have to do the same thing you did and get a refund from Google Play. I'll try taking down the ad too but you can't even delete the ad, you can only archive it.
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Yes that's what I did. (Archive)
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I’m having the same problem. I have been billed $20 a month after I sold the item that was being promoted. I do not see any place on the app or website that this exists or a way to cancel it. I have reported this to the apple store.
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I had to email OfferUp customer service to cancel mine. They responded pretty fast and were pretty helpful.
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You have to cancel the subscription through iPhone settings idk about android, most likely google play. I was in the same boat hahaha

How do I email offer up? I am new and want to cancel that promotion thing. I don’t have a job. I can’t be charged $20