Cannot offer, ask, nor respond to messages

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It was working fine 5 minutes ago, now it just keeps saying "Please refresh page and try again". I did. Nothing.


Have tried multiple computers, cannot use the app because my phone is lost (that's what I'm on offer up for). 


I found the product i needed and now can't message the seller back, what's going on here

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@anybody would someone please assist for god sake

I'm not having any issues. Make sure your app is updated.
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I'm not using the app, nor do any of the things i'm doing require it. I'm just trying to message back the sellers I was PREVIOUSLY talking to, so i know for a fact I'm not trying to do anything that requires the app. I lost my phone (why i'm using offer up), so i CANNOT USE THE APP.


All of a sudden NONE of the functions work, and tech support has been no help at all, they don't even give appropriate responses to my issue. I need someone to please look into my account and figure out what is going on. The issue isn't on my end, I'm certain.

You're not going to be able to message anyone back unless you log on to the app. The reasons your getting the reload is because you're not logging in. Offerup does not reply on the weekends and the community manager does not work in the tech support office
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That's just not true, I have already responded to people ON THE DESKTOP VERSION. I do NOT have access to a phone (that's what I'm trying to buy).


I've already sent messages back and forth, made offers, etc, so I know for a fact that I can do this from the desktop.

I did not say that I said you must log in to the app and the app is still a app even on a laptop...I said you must log must also update the app.
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The app is iOS, and android only, if there is a desktop version please link me, because I've already looked extensively

You will also have that problem is your Wi-Fi is not strong enough, the reason the app is made for phones..
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What? I'm on a desktop PC with a wired connection???