Cannot offer, ask, nor respond to messages

I just said if your Wi-Fi is weak and not strong enough the app is not work properly, there hundreds of other people who have had the same problem if you search the forum
Search the forum...
Check your laptop for updates..
I use a emulator on my desktop and its working fine.
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I'm sorry, no offense, are you even reading my responses? I'm not on wifi. Once again, NOT ON WIFI. There is not a desktop version.

Sorry I guess you need to borrow someone's phone then.
Check your "internet connection" then..
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Stable, fast connection, verified through

You will still need to contact tech support...period no one on here works for tech support....that's what I'm trying to tell you. I'm just offering suggestions so I'm sorry you need to contact them and wait for a answer, search the forum or borrow someone phone to log into you account.
Use a Android emulator to have the proper app, that's what alot of people do for desktops