Cannot send message to seller who I bought an item from

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I was messaging a seller for an item I was intrested in, so he messaged me back and I had sent him the money so I had copied and pasted something and the message was deleted, and now I try to message the seller and now I cannot see me and the sellers messages because the whole messages are deleted as when I try to click view messages on my email it says forbidden and an error code. I needed help with this proble, but the offer up support on twitter has responded than has stopped responding. So can someone help me with this problem because I already paid for the item.

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How did you pay for the item?

What does the error code say?
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Through Zelle 


And the error says this "Forbidden message 5gg413v4"

@goblin wrote:
How did you pay for the item?

What does the error code say?


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Yeah bro, looks like you were scammed.

Another user had this happen to him recently.

You can report the user here:

I'm pretty sure that error code is about a shipping account being disabled.

OfferUp will be unable to get your money back, since no payment went through them.

Contact Zelle reps.


"Avoid app-based payments like Venmo, Google Wallet, and PayPal. Also avoid wire transfers such as Western Union or MoneyGram, or non-cash payments such as gift cards or personal/certified checks. These payment methods are usually sources of fraud.

By keeping your transaction inside OfferUp, and not using an external payment or shipping service, OfferUp can help protect you from fraud and theft. If you run into any suspicious behavior, items, or payments, please let us know by reporting the person."

"Accepted payment methods for cashless payments
When paying in the app, you can use the following payment methods.

Credit and debit cards including:
American Express
Diners Club
Apple Pay
Sorry, prepaid debit cards or gift cards aren't accepted."
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really, because I tried to pay through the app and he said because offerup uses prepaid cards and he doesnt have one he couldn't get the money through the app.

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He had copied and pasted his email with spaces and when I had copied and pasted his email the message had gotten deleted automatically. 

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Yeah, he was lying to you. You link a CC to your OfferUp account or any cashless payments listed above.

If no funds were exchanged you're good.

In any scenario you go out of the app to communicate or pay, you would still not recieve buyer protection since you didn't use OfferUps in app payment system.

It's also possible his account was flagged and blocked by a bot because he brought up Zelle
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Dang, so there is no way I can message him at all?

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I don't believe so. This is going to sound a bit blunt, but why would you want to at this point? I would just try and find another deal or if money was transferred contact Zelle reps.
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You're right, i'll just find the product the original price so I can save the hassel.