Cannot send message to seller

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Thanks for the reply, answers below:

*Are you using Andriod phone or Apple?
*Does top right corner show your picture or avartar? Picture of what's for sale
*Are you using WiFi or Data plan?
Data plan and WiFi

It still doesn't work as of today.

I would recommend contacting Customer Care regarding your issue. If @Elin and @Mj_206 around they can helps you too. they're both Community Manager Forum. Be sure to using tag @ in front of the username to get swift respond like I did on above. Good luck my friend.
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Hi there, @Balugo and @DR16


Hmm, from my end, your accounts seem to be in good standing! You might want to try uninstalling/reinstalling one more time, as you should have full access Smiley Happy

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Any chance you can do the same for me?

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Hey @zesty1989! Your account appears to be in good standing currently Smiley Happy Try logging back in, and if you have any further troubles go ahead and reach out to our Customer Care team Smiley Happy

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How long does this usually take?

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Howdy @qlu , Welcome to Community Forum. This topic "Cannot send message to seller." Do you have specific questions about this topics? Or You can start new question or ask any members of the Community Forum be sure using tag @ in front of the username to get swift respond like I did on top your name. Check out others members latest post in this Community Forum or Help Desk here in search. What are you using OfferUp app for buying or selling on OfferUp app?
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Mine keeps saying "error" and "refresh and try again."
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Hi can you help please, if I go to send a message to a buyer it try’s to send it to me then I get an error message ... doesn’t matter which buyer I try and message ... i click contact buyer and my name is in the box which should be the buyers! So frustrating
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Welcome, @Ktskeepsakes! I took a look at your account and it looks like you may be outside of the US. Currently, OfferUp is only avail in the US Smiley Happy

I can not message the sell it keeps saying I am violating something