Cannot send message to seller

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@Hotrod I'm expereincing the same issue and am quite perplexed. I've been in touch with several sellers and can no longer respond to their messages. I simply cannot send messages. There is no offensive language, nor do I try to give personal information. I've had 2 sellers respond to me and I am able to read them...but it will not allow me to answer them back either.
I'd apreciate your help and advice as I really don't want to miss on these offers!! ( - I've reached customer technical support, but no response...)

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@Tzvi last few times I asked technical support questions, they haven’t responded to me either.
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@Tzvi let me be one of the first to welcome you to the OfferUp Community forum,

Tzvi are you getting any error messages.?

Edit; Question are you sending the same exact messages to the several sellers your dealing with.? 😎🇬🇧🔚
I had it and then it went to facebook or google
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I have the same issue now I can't reply to anyone
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Can not send messages to seller all of a sudden
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What error code, if any.
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I can't either, nor can I offer or ask. None of the functions are working and tech support is literally being ZERO help, not even giving relevant responses. It says "please refresh and try again" when trying to offer or ask, but says nothing when sending messages, they say sent, but refresh the page and they never sent. Would someone please help, I'm getting fed up with this

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The issue is most likely server side and is affecting some areas.

Nothing to do in this case, except wait it out.

Reach out to Twitter for confirmation.

Troubleshooting with WiFi and mobile data if you haven't.
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Figured this was their fault, no one is even giving relevant responses, it seems like people aren't even reading my complaints and just posting generic information.