Car dealers false prices

It is very frustrating to look for cars because many dealers post their car’s price as the down payment. So, say I’m looking for a car under $2000... I get all these cars in my search results that actually cost thousands, but have a down payment of <$2000.
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@LetsMakeADeal New features, one dealing with what type of price to put in and more, for improving the Auto section are coming soon. 

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Yes @LetsMakeADeal I totally agree with you, it’s so frustrating! But OfferUp will probably come up with a fix we hope 😊
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Before I made my posts, I went through and read some of these posts on this forum and took this into consideration. I completely agree and it doesn't help us either. I believe transparency in critical in this business, I appreciate your feedback and if there's anything I can do to help, please let me know.
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All they’re doing is giving you the choice of another car so they’re actually doing you a favor so you can see more cars and you have a choice what’s wrong with that
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In the future this app could benefit from subcategories. This way when browsing or searching we can get more relevant search results. The clothing section is another one.
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How about the old bait and switch!!! I've had THAT happen!! Call them, OH yea come on down....take the time drive all that distance then....oh no !! We sold that this morning!!! 😠

I actually hate contacting dealers in OfferUp more than CL.

They seem to put up lots of generic info (like financing. and perks) but nothing about the vehicle (like mileage, transmission, and vehicle features) and of course some do not post even the price.  Just a picture of a vehicle.

I seen even pictures of multiple vehicles on the same posting.


Then if you contact them they want you to call them (to a toll free number so they can get your phone number) from someone that is just maning the OfferUp respond line.  Just asking what mileage on the convertible will prompt a response: call my manager at 800 1234567 to get info in financing and the vehicle.

Did they just cut and past this reply on all the responses?


And I could go on but in general I just do not contact dealers in OfferUp, they seem extra sleazy.

Yep each site has them Letgo is bad for that too. It's like if u can't meet and that even scary now days don't even bother not even worth it unless perhaps it's something that u gotta have.
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I can so understand this. Spent 15 minutes muddling through ads that were all down payments not true prices. What made it even worse was the ads were from the same 4 car dealers just different cars. I don't know for sure but are we allowed to spam the feed that way? If I had a car to sell I would not have a chance here cause my ad would be lost in all the car dealers loading their whole lots on the site. I really like using Offer Up for selling my items and purchasing as well. But will have to skip finding my next vehicle here till something is done about the car dealers falsely showing down payments in price category and the spamming of the feed by the same car dealers. I have nothing against car dealers, just the way they are allowed to do business on this site.