Cell phone number verification

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I'm having the same issue but can not do so as I use a VOIP number and dont have actual cell number and it wont verify it as a legit number . Anyway to fix this ? Even if I get a actual cell number I sure won't donate the info to verify an account with all the scam calls I get on my voip and landline besides all the calls everyone else I know gets from scammers.
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@Casperdiddle I believe phone number verification only works with mobile number as trying verify OU apps is installed to actual mobile device. So you entering Voip number probably will not work.
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If you had read the message above it states it won't work with my voip number as that's what my cell has. Plz only reply if have information that's helpful and not stating samething I already said above.
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Now this is stopping me from replying to anyone ! Guess I'll just shut my account down and get it over with! I dont have time to deal with this! My opinion it's just a ploy to get peoples numbers to sell!
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@Casperdiddle we do not sell any information, and would not sell your phone number.

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I have perfectly good phone service as it is . Why would I go pay for another phone and service just to use offerup? That would be a stupid thing spending more just to add a actual cell number when I have a cell now , but just has a voip number it uses. You can say you wont sell my number but , that doesnt say it wont get sold later on. For example look at the stuff facebook is doing and Microsoft, both are data mining and selling your info. I know I've seen it happen and had it happen! If it requires me to spend money to just use offer up by getting another cell phone and then service, forget it I'll delete my account and be done with it . I won't be forced to spend money just to use this app by getting another phone to be able to verify me! You have my email that's enough, if you can't verify my voip number then oh well the app dont work right half the time anyway as I'm not getting email from buyers again! Guess it dont matter .
Hi I am having this same problem all of a sudden....I have a phone number with freedom pop, its a regular number to the point that I can get calls any time, anywhere whether I have wifi or not so why is it not accepting it? Now I can't message people back or buy things!! What the heck is going on?
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my first mobile phone service was on my microtablet computer which had a usb host cell modem adapter so i can use cell service DATA. this tablet computer mind you was back in the days without Applefag phones and a smidgeon smaller than a iphone 6. i prefer a NEO OpenMoko FreeRunner for beibg smallee than your average discounted LG or ATT bargain bin Android. Yea so after OfferUp seized after 2 years of using my Mobile communications computing device because it doesnt like my Cellular data link and my secure VPN phone service. Neither did OfferUp accept my Yahoo email service as valid registration. If you OU guys think you can stop scammers by making me and others suffer then you hust pass bad legacy and culture to all around us. friend of mine bought a car through OfferUp after wading through 20 other potential gang graffitti background wall cars she didnt want to carry $2k near: she asked for meeting at a police or highway Patrol station, NOT PKAY FAVORITES WITH PH AND EMAIL social accounting. scammers will not meet at a law enforcement HQ and half of the people she tried meeting would sign off if she asked to meet at a nearby LEO. tada!vnothing OfferUp did could help prevent a scam. not TruYou, not Safe Harbor, not BBB.... nope! scammers use those services too. support your nearest LEO!!

Fix my OU account so i can msg my Alerts Page.


This is just the forum, so if you want to vent, go ahead, but if you are trying to contact customer support, try this link.


FYI, just sign up for a free google voice account (has worked for others). We all know that scammers will always be one step ahead of any/all security protocals. The PROPER use of the grey matter between your ears is the only guaranteed method to be on the safe side.