Change profile name

Recently my account was hacked. It was a huge mess but with the assistance of facebook I was able to contact support to get my account back. I have one remaining issue which is a fairly big deal, my name can't be changed from my profile. I updated my name to "hacked" during the time my account was compromised for obvious reasons and now I'm stuck with it. I personally would be apprehensive to do business with someone with "hacked" on their profile. Any clue how to fix this?
Level 9
To verify — you are going into Profile → Gear Icon → Name (edit)


What does it show for you?
That is correct. However there is no "edit" option available to update my name. I can edit almost every field but not my name.
Level 9
It appears you may need to contact support.

Make sure to add the phone model, version of OfferUp you are using and a screenshot of said issue if you have say an imgur account with uploads hidden from the public.

Or you can wait until the first email reply to send images that way.