Changes in postings and notifications

As someone who buys and sells often in OfferUp, I noticed quite a few changes to the app past month/weekend.
1) My items weren't posted right away. It took almost an hour EACH for my items to make it to the feeds. I know this because I posted 10 items (we're moving) and I referred to another offer in my original offer and a buyer pointed out that they couldn't see it.
2) Notifications are being delayed by almost an hour. I've missed out on two sales today because I didn't get back to them fast enough. The second one tonight said that there was a full two hours between their message and my reply. However in my end it says the message was received "now". SO frustrated!!
3) The "bump" sell faster feature is gone! I can't see it anymore on the sell faster list. Please please bring it back.
Anyone else notice these changes? Any solutions that have worked? I've restarted my phone, uninstalled the app, etc and it hasn't helped.
Thank you!
Level 9
I did have a similar issue where my ads would go live 15min after posting.

Issue appears to have fixed itself.

Are you on the latest version?
Yes, I deleted the app and then reinstalled :/ everything finally posted